CDMX - Mexico City Police

Mexico City police have a secure communications network that has helped them secure the 22,000,000 people working and/or living in the city.

Security in communications

The CDMX communications network in Mexico City serves two main user organizations:

  • Department of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública)
    - UMOE - Metropolitan Special Operations Unit
    - PA - Auxiliary Police
    - PBI - Banking and industrial police
  • Attorney General's Office (Fiscalía General de Justicia).

In addition, other organizations use the system to coordinate with the police. For example the fire department, the health sector ERUM (Resque Squad and Medical Emergencies), ambulances, and civil protection.

Mexico City Police are responsible for the operational health of the radio network, including maintaining infrastructure and managing its users.


CDMX history

Things were very different before secure radio. In the past, the police encountered a number of communications challenges. For example, congestion on the radio waves and eavesdropping were big problems.

When the CDMX network was brought into use in 2006, the police noticed its capacity: the new TETRA system could serve four times the number of users as the old network, and it was secure as well.

Encryption has been the most important feature for the Mexican authorities because it has meant that their communications stay confidential. Only authorized people can take part in or hear the communications.

Facts and figures

In terms of architecture, the system has capacity for 50,000 users. This makes it the biggest TETRA network in Latin America.

The system covers:

  • 98% of the population
  • 95% of the territory.

CDMX network consists of:

  • Core network
  • 52 base stations
  • Management system
  • Transmission network
  • 120 dispatcher stations
  • AVL Automatic vehicle location.

In addition, there is an additional core network for 278 radio dispatchers in the C5 Command Centre.

Important features

The users of the CDMX network appreciate the following network capabilities and features the most:

  • Encryption
  • Uninterrupted availability of communications
  • Excellent coverage within the city’s limits
  • User authentication
  • OTA - Over-the-air programming of radios
  • Maintenance.



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