Tlalpan borough of Mexico City

The security forces and ambulances of Tlalpan borough in Mexico City have recently adopted secure mobile broadband services over MXLINK for their professional communications.

Tlalpan security forces in Mexico

Keeping Tlalpan borough safe

Tlalpan is the largest of the 16 administrative boroughs in the Federal District of Mexico City. The population of almost 700,000 live mainly in small communities that are separated by forests and mountains. The forests of Tlalpan play an important role in the city's oxygen generation and carbon dioxide capture.

The mountains and other uninhabited areas also attract criminal organizations such as illegal loggers, drug traffickers, and kidnappers.

Tlalpan's security forces and rescue services have an important role in keeping everybody safe.


The security forces and rescue services keep connected with the CDMX communications network that serves a total of 50,000 users in Mexico City, including users such as patrol police, traffic police, city paramedics, detectives and fire fighters.

New, more efficient ways of working

The Tlalpan borough have modernized and evolved their radio communications towards broadband.

They now get secure, mobile broadband services delivered over the MXLINK Service.


Thanks to MXLINK, the Tlalpan security forces and rescue services (ambulances) can include smartphones in their existing talk groups in a secure way. The smartphone-carrying officers will enjoy features such as multimedia messaging, video, real-time location tracking and geo-localization. They will also have the possibility to integrate special applications – and all this will be in a completely secure system.

With MXLINK, users can enter a new era of working faster, better and more securely.

Communications continue uninterrupted

MXLINK gives the Tlalpan users new multimedia capabilities such as video and geolocation. They also get a high availability of service because they have higher service priority in the network. In other words, they will get service from the network even when consumers or enterprise users may experience congestion.

Tlalpan users can therefore rely on having uninterrupted communications.


Control in own hands

Although MXLINK provides mobile broadband as an end-to-end service, the Tlalpan borough values the fact that they are able to keep control in their own hands.

They manage their own talk groups and can also easily set up temporary talk groups to include personnel who usually do not work together.

Working closer together

Tlalpan is the first borough in Mexico City to provide security forces and rescue services (ambulances) with this type of secure mobile broadband service.

The organizations share the use of the service, and their privacy and security for the organizations is ensured. But in case of an incident, they can immediately coordinate the actions they need with each other – thus saving time and even lives. 


The Tlalpan borough also plans to introduce the service to new users from other governmental institutions, such as road, legal and construction administrations.

Comprehensive security helps prevent crime

The adoption of new technologies and closer collaboration have helped make Tlalpan safer today.

Thanks to a comprehensive security strategy, the Tlalpan borough has been able to reduce the number of crimes in 2020 by more than 14 % compared to the previous year.

Learn more about how secure, mobile broadband services support Tlalpan security services and ambulances with their tasks – watch this video!

Or watch this special interview: Mr Bernardo Felix Díaz, former Public Safety Director in Tlalpan explains (in Spanish) the benefits that secure mobile broadband has brought to their users and the borough.

Learn more – read the press release (in Spanish):

Or get inspired by these pictures from Tlalpan:



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