State of Chihuahua, Mexico

The security forces of Chihuahua state in Mexico have recently complemented their trusted Tetrapol voice and data network by secure, mobile broadband services delivered over the MXLINK service.

Security officer in Chihuahua state, Mexico

Keeping 4,000,000 citizens safe

Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico, with an area of around 247,000 square kilometres. The security forces are responsible for securing this huge, dispersed population of almost four million citizens.

Chihuahua city in Mexico

The security forces keep connected with reliable Tetrapol communications. They use  IRIS (also known as RNR), the nationwide public safety network in Mexico that serves a total of nearly 200,000 users, including the National Guard, the 32 states and over 2,000 municipalities.

New, broader possibilities

The Chihuahua state has completed the modernization of their radio communication network towards broadband and IP (Internet Protocol). This has been a part of the state’s Hyperconvergent Connectivity Plan.

They continue to use Tetrapol services for mission critical voice and data, and get secure, mobile broadband services delivered over the MXLINK Service.

Chihuahua police officer sharing video with team members

Thanks to MXLINK, the Chihuahua security forces will be able to include smartphones in their existing talk groups in a secure way. The smartphone-carrying officers will enjoy features such as multimedia messaging, video, and geo-localization. They will also have the possibility to integrate special applications – and all this will be in a completely secure system.

The MXLINK services will cover the area of 93% of the state's population and have full integration to the Emergency Call Attention Center 9-1-1.

Secure Software Solutions from Airbus

The Chihuahua security forces will also adopt the Airbus 3S – Secure Software Solutions. The 3S allow the development of professional web interfaces and new professional apps. For example:

  • Police Action Tracking System (SSAP)  monitors the activity of police officers – from their arrival on the scene until the crime report has been filed. This helps optimize the performance of the police.
  • Homologated Police Report (IPH) which allows the officers to file and complete crime reports directly from the incident scene. They don't have to return to the station for the reporting tasks, so this app will save them a lot of time.

The new apps can help the security forces streamline their processes. The result: more efficient law enforcement in Chihuahua.

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