Munich Security Conference (MSC)

Each February, the Munich Security Conference brings together more than 450 high profile decision-makers from around the world. Professional communications are key to the security of the event.

Customer story: Munich Security Conference

Major events need special communications

By their nature, major political events, such as the Munich Security Conference (MSC) attract intense media interest. This high profile makes it vital to organize, manage and secure these occasions without a hitch. After all, a big incident during an important event would be flashed around the world as hot news.

The staff responsible for the running of the MSC conference and for its security have used a mission critical TETRA solution operated by Stadtwerke München (Munich City Utilities, SWM) for keeping in touch. 

Professional radio has given the organizers a huge advantage: they have been able to set up temporary talk groups very easily.

The people in the security teams have come together for this event, and the other teams have included a wide range of personnel who usually do not work together.

The communication solution has therefore been ‘built’ to meet their needs exactly.

As a result, the teams have been able to share the necessary information quickly, effectively, securely, and in a controlled way.

Munich Security Conference 2020

On account of the heightened security measures, the SWM enhanced their radio system for the 2018 conference with special encryption features.

The MSC conference staff used TH1n TETRA radios because they are suited for covert use. These radios have proven to be effective at the conference for years. 

In 2018, the organizers also experienced the benefits from the hybrid Tactilon Dabat device. Because the device can use both TETRA and broadband technology, the staff were able to use specially designed apps during the event.

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