Enduropale motorcycle race in France

Safeguarding hundreds of thousands of spectators and nearly 1,200 motorcycles at the start of the Enduropale motorcycle race is a big security challenge. In this challenge, the SDIS 62 fire brigade in le Touquet, France benefited from new communication solutions.

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Collaborative communications

New solutions in use

The Enduropale motorcycle race 2019 in Le Touquet, France was a success. The local fire brigade SDIS 62 responsible for the safety of the event took advantage of new communication solutions. They tested a 4G tactical bubble, Tactilon Dabat hybrid device and Tactilon Agnet application.

Find details about the set-up of the solution and the event including videos on the Enduropale motorcycle race page in English or on the French page Retour sur le dispositif Airbus à l'Enduropale.


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