Formula One, Bahrain Grand Prix

Bahrain Grand Prix, officially known as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is a Formula One Championship race in Bahrain. Professional communications support the security of this event an Airbus system has been in use ever since the first race in 2004.

Customer story: Formula One, Bahrain Grand Prix

Keeping the wheels turning

The first race at the Bahrain International Circuit took place on 4 April 2004. The government of Bahrain was determined that the first Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East would go off without a hitch.

Providing security for the event is a major undertaking for the race management staff. The government recognized that communications for the variety of agencies and organizations had to flow smoothly.  With tasks and responsibilities ranging from the race organizer’s functions to race control, involving track marshals, fire, recovery and medical teams, the communication challenge was a big one.

Such a diverse range of users demanded a secure communications solution that could allow them to co-operate quickly and effectively. Airbus TETRA was the answer, and the Grand Prix has been secured by a full coverage system ever since. The system serves both security personnel and race management.

The Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix attracts over 40,000 visitors every year and millions of people worldwide watch it on tv.

Tough requirements

The organizations responsible for the smooth running of the event need to be connected at all times. They communicate over the Kingdom of Bahrain’s nationwide, mission critical network.

What’s more, the organizations need to communicate with each other to be able to co-operate fully. The network can handle this because it has been designed for shared use.

In the network, the communications within one organization are private, but there are also co-operative talk groups which allow for inter-organizational communications when needed.

In control with security

Providing security for the event is also a major undertaking. Because Formula One races are massive public events, security is a key concern.

The communication system matches the event’s stringent security requirements. For example, communications are encrypted and safe from eavesdropping. Many other races have seen race control organizations using analog open channels without encryption.

A really handy feature

Voice communications over TETRA are clear and the system cuts out background noise. This is one handy feature because Formula One racing is extremely noisy. The clarity of spoken words even when near F1 cars roaring at full throttle has surprised and delighted everyone.

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