Customer Stories

These stories showcase our customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, enterprises, and various industries. They all need to communicate within teams and between them, and they need these solutions to be available, reliable, and secure.

Disaster avoided in 60 seconds »

Accidents will happen, no matter how prepared professionals are, but good communication can prevent an accident from turning into a disaster.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Belgian Customs »

Reliable, instant communications over the Belgian ASTRID network played a major role in 2011, when a joint operation targeted the cross border drugs traffic between Belgium and the Netherlands.

Region: Europe | Use case: Customs and border security, Nationwide communications

South Tyrol Civil Protection radio communication network »

South Tyrol, one of Italy’s most mountainous areas benefits from a secure communications system provided by Airbus.

Region: Europe | Use case: Fire services, Cities, municipalities and states

Enduropale motorcycle race in France »

Safeguarding hundreds of thousands of spectators and nearly 1,200 motorcycles at the start of the Enduropale motorcycle race is a big security challenge. In this challenge, the SDIS 62 fire brigade in le Touquet, France benefited from new communication solutions.

Region: Europe | Use case: Sporting and other events, Broadband, Fire services

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) »

Die Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (German for Berlin Transport Company) is Berlin's main public transport company. BVG manages the city's underground railway (U-Bahn), tram, bus and ferry networks. The company uses TETRA communications is its underground and Tetrapol in its overground operations.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Helsinki Metro »

Helsinki Metro in Finland is the world's northernmost metro system. They use professional communications to ensure smooth passage for their 90 million passengers per year.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

RESCAT - authority network in Catalonia, Spain »

RESCAT is a shared mission critical TETRA network for public safety users in the Catalonia region.

Region: Europe | Use case: Police forces, Cities, municipalities and states